Cork is much more than a sustainable raw material. It also provides amazing comfort features. Its honeycomb structure contains millions of air-filled cells that explain its unique properties.

What Cork Flooring Is best For me ?

The best cork floor for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors such as the amount of foot traffic in the room, the intended use of the room, and your budget. You may also want to consider the thickness of the cork and the color/style of the flooring.

Planks offer a more traditional look and can be installed in various patterns, such as herringbone and chevron. Panels are a great option for larger areas, as they are pre-cut and easy to install. Cork flooring also comes in a variety of colors and finishes, from light tan to deep chocolate.

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Why Choose Cork?

Cork is an extremely efficient natural sound absorber because its cells work as an acoustic insulator. Comparing the walking sound between cork and laminate floors, tests confirm that cork floors have an exceptional result reducing the walking sound up to 53%.

Natural Thermal Insulation
The natural thermal insulation properties of cork make the floor very energy efficient providing a pleasant touch, even barefoot, and an optimal temperature all year round which contributes to an overall sense of comfort.

Cork Flooring | BFC Flooring & Design Centre

Cork is a completely natural raw material, biodegradable, renewable and recyclable. Cork floors are a sustainable choice with endless benefits, contributing positively to the environment and people’s comfort and health.


Cork floors will soften impacts and provide tactile comfort, as cork is particularly suited to the balance and wellness of the human body. The natural flexibility of the material results in comfort in movement and coziness, easing the impacts in our body and reducing tensions.

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Cork Installation

We help you every step of the way after you’ve selected your new floor:  professional on-site measurement, removal of old flooring, and skilled installation that includes moving your furniture and replacing trim. We do it all expertly, so your floor will look amazing and give lasting satisfaction. 

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