Black and White Flooring is Back: How to Make this Trend Work in your Home

Black and white flooring is making a comeback this year. The retro look ties together vintage and modern style perfectly, while also adding elegance and sophistication to your home.

Black and white flooring is incredibly versatile. Though a checkerboard pattern is common, there are many options and patterns to choose from so you can design a space that you’ll love.

Black and white is most often used in a bathroom, kitchen, or an entryway, but the possibilities are limitless.

Black and White Flooring is Back: How to Make this Trend Work in your Home

Black and white flooring can work in most homes and for most budgets. Whether you want classic tile, the durability and affordability of luxury vinyl tile (LVT), or even an area rug, there is a way to incorporate this trend. Our flooring and design experts at in , are here to help find the flooring that’s best for you.

Create a Backdrop

Black and white flooring can be the perfect backdrop that helps highlight your furniture and décor. The repeating black and white patterns create beautiful lines for your eyes to follow through a room leading to a focal point. A black and white checkerboard is the obvious pattern to create this ambience, but you don’t have to limit yourself to a checkerboard. You can choose other repeating geometric black and white patterns, such as chevron, hexagons, or circles to create the perfect look to complement your style. There is a wide variety of sizes in those patterns as well.

Create a Focal Point

Your flooring doesn’t always have to take the back seat to other design elements. You can also choose to highlight your flooring as a focal point in the room. This is where high-design black and white tile or black and white luxury vinyl tile can really make an impact. Choose a more intricate design, such as a floral design or more intricate diamond pattern. Since tile comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can truly customize the pattern of your black and white floors. Black and white floors add texture and more visual interest that pulls the eye in, no matter which pattern you choose. Also, a black and white patterned area rug can make a fashion statement. An area rug is a great idea to incorporate this trend because rugs are so easy to exchange and upgrade. Plus, they add comfort and protect your flooring.

Create a Color Palette

Because black and white are neutral colors, using them on for your flooring also allow you to play with color. You can choose almost any accent color to match the classic pairing. Go bold with a brightly colored area rug or runner in your entryway to make a statement as guests enter your home. Choose red or golden yellow accents in your kitchen. Or tone down the floors with a soft grey or sky blue in your bathroom to create an oasis. Create a romantic ambience and go dark with a deep charcoal and burgundy so you can escape to your favorite room. Black and white creates the perfect base for you, no matter your style or desired look.

No matter your style, in , carries a black and white flooring option that will work for you and your home. Black and white is a classic combination that allows you versatility to create the look you want, whether you want your floors to be a background element or a focal point. Plus, black and white flooring provides you with a neutral color palette so you can create the feel you desire. Contact us to being your flooring project today!